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As a practice owner or manager, are you spending too much time putting out fires instead of working on your goals? Do you struggle with employee turnover or sometimes feel like your team isn’t engaged in their jobs? How much energy do you spend trying to improve your business but still aren’t sure what needs to be done?

leading your team towards success

So often the problems you face are either due to not meeting your team’s inherent needs or because of a faulty process. How do you resolve that? To have a greater impact on your patients and community, your hospital needs to start with a clear vision or direction. Once that’s in place, a culture that supports your vision can be built. Developing that culture means providing your team with an environment where they are engaged and motivated. As their leader, you can accomplish this by having open communication, allowing team members to contribute ideas, and encouraging personal growth. Finally, there should be well-defined protocols and processes in place that allow for consistent patient care and client service. When these elements come together, your business and everyone on your team will be on the road to success. 

Committed to helping veterinary hospitals improve patient care and the client experience, Scarborough Veterinary Consulting reaffirms the vision, mission, and culture of your hospital by developing leaders, setting goals, implementing systems and processes, and improving organizational productivity. With our guidance, we've helped clients define and develop their culture, attract and retain qualified team members, and implement processes that have led to a positive impact with proven results.

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