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Scarborough Veterinary Consulting
1252 Heritage Drive, Villa Rica, GA 30180

Regulatory Compliance

Implementation and compliance with standards in accordance with:

AAHA            DEA
AVMA            OSHA

Inventory Management

Turnover - Incorporate systems for efficient stocking and ordering of inventory products
Product Pricing ‚Äč- Ensure products are priced to cover costs and generate a profit
Internal Controls - Implement safeguards that promote organization and reduce shrinkage


Social Media And Website Performance

Strategy Development - Set goals to deliver effective messages
Targeting the Right Audience - Learn how to appeal to specific audiences 
Choosing Your Platforms- Understand which platforms to utilize based on audience preferences
Creating Content - Develop relevant content for your audience
Audience Engagement - Become "social" with your audience
Performance Measurement - Review goals and analytics for optimum performance

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Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Management Coaching

Hospital Culture - Understand how your culture affects everything from team morale to patient care, client service, and financial success

Communicate Effectively - Provide stellar service by bridging the communication gap between doctors, team members, and clients

Cultivate Leaders - Incorporate coaching methods that enable you to develop leaders in your hospital

Improve Operational Efficiency and Excellency - Create and implement systems that positively impact team performance, patient care, and client service.

Create Client Advocates - Build relationships with clients so they become vocal advocates for your hospital.

Team Coaching


First Impressions - Understand the importance of making the best first impression to bond with your clients

Telephone Skills - Learn how to effectively communicate to address your clients' needs and convert phone shoppers
Handling Upset Clients - Discover how to identify and resolve your clients' concerns
Patient Care Skills - From understanding core vaccines to IV catheter placement, our hands-on training will help to improve your team member engagement and patient care.