Inventory Management

Proper oversight of inventory is necessary for both patient care and financial success. Without adequate stock of inventory, veterinarians risk not being able to provide necessary treatments for their patients, which is a significant source of frustration for all team members and clients. On the opposite end of the spectrum, excessive inventory results in poor cash flow. We'll work with you to review your current inventory system and identify areas of opportunity. From understanding the hidden costs associated with inventory to fee structures and safeguards, we'll coach you on how to more effectively manage your hospital's inventory. 

  • Ordering/Turnover Points - Managing inventory levels and ordering procedures requires that one not only be familiar with why a product is used, but also with lead time, forecast demand, and options for suppliers. We'll work with you to create an ordering policy that enables your veterinary hospital to maintain adequate inventory levels.

  • Product Pricing - Taking into consideration hidden costs, markup's, desired profits, and current benchmarking figures, we'll review your current fee structure and make recommendations that lead to increased revenue.

  • Internal Controls - The beginning steps in ensuring your veterinary hospital has adequate inventory are organization, location designation, and security. We'll examine your designated locations and procedures to determine if changes are necessary. After discussing our findings, we will help you devise a plan for implementing any changes. Topics covered will include team member accessibility, tracking movement of inventory, division of duties, and potential causes of inventory shrinkage.

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