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Management Coaching

  •  Hospital Culture and Communication - Culture is where success begins, and without a well-defined culture, employee morale and patient care are adversely affected. Each action, policy, and goal should be made and communicated with the hospital's culture in mind. Examples of some of the topics we'll cover include hiring and retaining the right team members, creating job descriptions, developing performance evaluations, holding team members accountable, implementing effective communication techniques, and fostering growth among your team.


  • Cultivate Leaders -  With our coaching, we'll give you the guidance and tools that will not only help you become a more effective leader, but will also help you to cultivate a team of leaders within your veterinary hospital. We'll coach you on project and time management, goal setting and planning, effective communication techniques, and more. When necessary, reading assignments, meetings, and team building workshops may be scheduled. 

  • Improve Operational Efficiency and Excellency - Incorporating elements from Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Management Systems, we'll help lead your veterinary team on its way to working efficiently while providing consistent patient care and client service. Beginning with operational flow time studies, we'll identify opportunities for improving wait times and process flow while decreasing the amount of inventory wasted during medical care. We'll then work with you to develop or update protocols and checklists that will become the backbone for providing consistent service.

  • Create Client Advocates - More than loyal clients, advocates are a voice in the community for your brand.Once your hospital's culture has been defined and clearly established and systems and protocols are in place, your team will begin fostering relationships with client advocates. It is these advocates who play in a pivotal role your hospital's growth and success.