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  • American Animal Hospital Association - If you are currently AAHA accredited or considering becoming accredited, our experience can be of value. We can review your current procedures, help you confirm team member compliance, and give you overall guidance on changes to implement. 

  • American Veterinary Medical Association - Does your hospital consistently adhere to the AVMA's Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics? Are the expected outcomes, risks, and costs of treatments communicated to clients? Do all team members comply with state and federal record-keeping requirements? We can coach team members so everyone understands why and how these principles affect patient care, client service, and the overall functions of the veterinary-client-patient relationship.

  • Drug Enforcement Agency - How do your controlled drug procedures and records conform with the United States Controlled Substance Act? When was the last time you performed an inventory count? Are you not sure what to do with your expired controlled drugs? What protocols do you have in place for reporting shortages? If you need assistance with the regulations, we can work with you to implement systems to help ensure compliance. 

  • Occupational Health and Safety Administration - From team training to personal protective equipment, OSHA compliance and team safety should always be a priority for the veterinary practice owner and manager. Unfortunately, because of time constraints and other responsibilities, this is one area that is often neglected. With our experience, we can help get your hospital on the right track. We'll review your current OSHA program, identify areas for improvement, provide you with the tools to update or implement your OSHA program, and help in coaching your team.

Regulatory Compliance