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Scarborough Veterinary Consulting
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Christine is a very bright and capable consultant. She is exceptionally suited to help veterinary practices achieve their potential. She is genuinely committed to helping veterinary practices serve their patients and clients in an outstanding manner. She has the knowledge, skill, and experience to accomplish that. She is a compassionate and committed person who will give her clients 100%. She knows all aspects of the business and is capable of helping her clients build a plan to achieve their goals.

Pat Finneran, President, Accelerated Performance Solutions

Christine is an intelligent, motivated, knowledgeable, and compassionate leader. I learned a lot from her, as she was my first manager when I entered the veterinary field. I changed careers late in life and am so grateful to her for really becoming a mentor to me. Any business that hires Christine to consult for them is guaranteed to get results, not to mention a terrific person on their team.  Dana Lee, Client Service Representative

There are so many great things that come to mind! Christine is very passionate about the work she does and it's easy to see. "I wish I had someone there for me when I first started; I want to be there for you."-Christine. Ever since those words came from her mouth, that's exactly what she has done. The advice she gives is amazing and I really feel like she wants me to be the best I can be. It's great having someone that is always there when you need them in this industry. Christine, you're truly a blessing!!

Jazzmyn Carter, Practice Manager


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